treadmill for runningNowadays, everybody has become health conscious. From diet to exercise, people do every little thing to maintain the proper shape of the body. Exercise plays a great role in the process of body shaping. A self propelled treadmill is one of the few types of equipment that runs manually. No motor is needed to run this manual treadmill. These equipments are also known as non motorized treadmill. They run entirely manually, that means you have to run or walk continuously in order to set it in motion.

Motorized equipments need an electrical motor to set it in motion. It is a matter of your choice whether to opt for a motorized treadmill or manual one. It is very important that you get to know about each detail of a manual treadmill if you decide to go for it. A manual treadmill review will help you to make a good choice regarding the purchase of a non motorized treadmill.

Here is a list of the best manual treadmills for running given as follows –

  • Avari Magnetic Treadmill

An adjustable magnetic resistance is used by the manual treadmill to make it run. You can use this type of treadmill for running, jogging and walking purposes. A good workout is ensured by this treadmill to the runners. Some major details about your workouts, like time taken, distance covered, speed of running and calories burnt are displayed on an electric monitor that comes with this manual treadmill. It is a portable treadmill with wheels. It is a pocket friendly treadmill manufactured by a reputed brand called Avari.

  • Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill

It is an affordable manual treadmill with some great features. It has two incline positions for a better workout. All your workout statistics are tracked on the electronic display of the treadmill. It provides support to its users with the help of foam padded rails. You will never slip from this treadmill because its rubber flow is skid resistant. It is a portable treadmill which is made of stainless steel.

  • Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

Phoenix is a well known manufacturer of manual treadmill. It comes with a heavy duty flywheel and a 41 inch running belt. All the statistics of your workout are displayed on the electronic screen. The maximum walking or jogging speed can be achieved by you with the help of a self powered workout mode. You can walk or jog on it comfortably due to the presence of padded platforms.

  • Phoenix 98516 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

This model of Phoenix is one of the most affordable manual treadmills available in the market. It is a good manual treadmill best suited for home use. Its belt is 41.5 or 13.5 inches in size. It also comes with an electronic screen to display all the workout statistics. It is a portable and foldable manual treadmill.

Thus, select the manual treadmill only after comparing all the consisting features of each model. Make sure to properly maintain your body shape with the help of a manual treadmill. 

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