anti-wrinkle injectionsOne of the renowned and trusted clinics in Melbourne is Derma Care Cosmetic and Laser Clinic. It provides aesthetic and innovative laser treatment to patients. Anti-wrinkle injections  is the speciality of this clinic. Anti-wrinkle injections are also called wrinkle reduction injections. It is a popular anti-ageing method and is a solution for medium to light depth facial dynamics.

Anti-wrinkle injections reduce the contraction of muscles and block the nerve signals to work into the problem areas. It helps the patients to experience a youthful, refreshed and smooth appearance. Glabella, crow’s feet and the forehead, are the most targeted areas of wrinkles. This treatment last for about 3-4 months. Anti-wrinkle injections are safe and take 20 minutes to start its action on the skin.

About the treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections are nonsurgical, simple and a medically administered method of anti-ageing. Skin is temporarily smoothened and thus, helps to reduce wrinkles. Clostridium Botulinum bacterium produces a complex protein that is contained in anti-wrinkled injections. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves this treatment to be completely safe. Central nervous disorders and eye spasms can also be treated with these injections. They are combined with Dermal Fillers for the improvement of skin appearance. 


The main aim of anti-wrinkled injections is to relax and weaken wrinkles causing muscles. Anti-wrinkled injections and a finely gauged needle are required for the treatment. Wrinkles surrounding the eye are called crow’s feet and three injections are required to reduce those wrinkles. Tiny injections are required to treat forehead lines.

Some people experience bruising around the injected area. Ice cubes should be applied before and after the treatment to reduce this problem.


  • Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before the treatment to minimise the chances of bruising.
  • Breast-feeding and pregnant ladies cannot avail this treatment.
  • Do not take aspirin or blood-thinning medication 72 hours before the treatment.
  • Avoid hot showers, exercise or activities prior to the treatment.
  • Do not rub the treated area for 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Use ice cubes to reduce bruising, swelling and bleeding.
  • Avoid any strenuous exercise or work for 24 hours before the treatment.
  • Minor temporary bumps might be noticed at the injected area.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

Medically trained professions administer anti-wrinkle injections very safely. All the doctors and nurses are registered and highly trained practitioners. Some side effects are caused due to this treatment, but most of the effects are temporary and mild.

A wrinkle reduction session might be followed by bruising, slight pain and tenderness. Double vision, droopy eyelid or eyebrows are the rare problems of excessive side effects. Anti-wrinkle injections reduce the ageing lines on the face. These injections also prevent new wrinkles and lines from forming and thus, smoothens the skin naturally. This anti-ageing procedure has been used safely for the past 20 years in Melbourne.

Thus, the smallest change can result in big differences that make you feel not only beautiful but confident too. So, contact the Derma Care Cosmetic and Laser Clinic for experiencing a beautifully changed look with the help of anti-wrinkled injections.

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