How to HypnotizeIf you want to lose weight, build bigger muscles or even to get a six pack then often one of the best ways to reach your fitness goals is to find a workout buddy. Now of course it’s nice to have a friend to go to the gym with, but that is not the main reason why you will benefit from having a workout buddy.

The main reason is because then you can both take a few weeks of hypnosis training and then learn how to hypnotize someone so that you’re able to put each other into a hypnotic trance and help each other reach your personal goals a lot more quickly. It sounds strange I know, but studies have shown that hypnosis is a powerful tool to help people with many different areas of their life.

For example people pay hundreds of dollars to go to a hypnotherapist and get help with confidence, removing fears and phobias, eating disorders, help with weight loss, stopping smoking and almost anything else you can think of.

Now the main benefit of finding a workout buddy who is willing to learn hypnosis with you is of course the fact that you will both save a lot of money by not having to pay a hypnotherapist every time you wish to attend a hypnotic session.

Of course you have to pay for the initial training, but the fact of the matter is that there are many hypnosis courses out there that will only cost you around $200 where as just one session with a trained hypnotherapist will easily cost you that much.

The other benefit of learning hypnosis with a training buddy is that you can then help each other not just with your fitness goals but with your goals in every other area of your life. So for example if one of you has confidence issues then they can easily be addressed.
If one of you wants to stop smoking, no problem.

In fact, you might just find that because you are both trained in hypnosis and you are willing to help each other out you might just be able to achieve things in your life that you never thought would be possible.

So, after reading through this article maybe you are curious and you would like to know where to get started to learn hypnosis?
Well at the top of this article you will find a link to one of the best sites I have found and when you check it out you will learn the exact same hypnosis skills that I have.

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